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Tank Model CRF 250 F - 9 liters

Tank Model CRF 250 F - 9 liters

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Aesthetics based on the CRF250F motorcycle, with a capacity of 9 L, allowing sports practices to be safe and light, without harming the original tank.

Capacity 9 liters; Colors: Black, Natural. Made of high-resistance thermoplastic with UV-proof pigments (ultraviolet).
Net weight 1.8 kg (empty and with lid). Compatible with original CRF250F fins.

Adaptable to different motorcycle models. Fins do not come with the tank. Note: Colors and models of stickers may vary depending on availability. The stickers that accompany the products make up their packaging and have little durability.

[We thank our customers and friends who made photos of their motorcycles with the product available for publicity].

There was an article about the tank on the page MX Arena, check it out.

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