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Tank Model CRF 230 adaptable to XR 200, NX 200, XLR 125

Tank Model CRF 230 adaptable to XR 200, NX 200, XLR 125

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Aesthetics based on the CRF 230 tank. Colors: Black, Natural.
Made in high resistance thermoplastic with
UV (ultraviolet) resistant pigments. Net weight 2.7 kg (empty).
Compatible with CRF 230 fins since 2008, including 2021.
Fines are not included with the tank.

ADAPTABLE for XR 200, NX 200, XLR 125 and several other motorcycle models.

To make the adaptation easier, purchase the tank supports and the hardware kit for soldering-free adaptation. This is a tank for adaptation. In all motorcycle models, adaptations and welding will be necessary, including the CRF 230. It is highly recommended that the adaptation be made by an experienced mechanic.
  Note: Colors and models of stickers may vary depending on availability. The stickers that accompany the products make up their packaging and have little durability.
[We would like to thank our customers and friends who provided the photos of their motorcycles with the product for publicity].
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