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Café Racer Sewing Chess Bench Kit with Monoposto

Café Racer Sewing Chess Bench Kit with Monoposto

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Kit composed of:
01 Complete bench;
01 Single-seater with foam backrest;
About the bench:
Composed of a plastic base, with special foam and stylized cover with seam
checkered. It comes with fixing hardware.
Version available to adapt to different models of
Colors: Black, Brown
Net weight 1.8 kg.
Dimensions: Length 53cm x width 27cm x height 7 cm.

About the Monoposto:
Manufactured in fiberglass, with a special polyurethane foam backrest and
stylized eco-leather cover with checkered stitching.
Supplied with stainless steel fixing brackets.
Version available for adaptation / fixation in different models
motorcycles, consisting of:
1 Single-seater in raw fiberglass (unfinished).
1 Leather cover ecological in black or brown.
1 Polyurethane Foam Backrest Net weight 0.8 kg.
Dimensions: Length 26 cm x width 25 cm x height 16 cm.
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