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Ecological Gallon - Gallon / Oil Disposal Tray

Ecological Gallon - Gallon / Oil Disposal Tray

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Capacity 10 liters;
Colors: Brown, White (Semi transparent)
Super light and easy to use.
Made in high resistance thermoplastic with
UV-proof pigments (ultraviolet ).
Net weight 1.6 kg (empty).
Approximate dimensions (considering the largest measurement):
Width 30 cm
Height 47 cm
Depth 12 cm



Color tones may vary according to the lighting at the time of the photo and your monitor settings.
Important: To pour the oil into the container it is important to
open the vent.
Ecological appeal :
Awareness: A better future for our children.
Let us do our part when it comes to discarding what is
no longer useful to us.
Give the right destination for recyclable materials.
No In the case of lubricating oil, care must be redoubled,
since in addition to being recyclable, if disposed of without proper care, this product is
extremely polluting, and can cause damage to the water table, increase
considerably the work of improvement or purification of sewage, in addition to
damaging vegetation.
Using this reservoir you can take the oil to a
gas station to be disposed of. In an appropriate place, this product will be sent to the responsible companies.


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