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Saddlebag Side Saddlebag GGG-BR - PAR - 64 liters

Saddlebag Side Saddlebag GGG-BR - PAR - 64 liters

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Saddlebags / Saddlebags with a capacity of 64 liters, with 32 liters on each side. Sold in pairs. Equipped with a waterproof plastic box, GIFT exclusivity, a differential in the side saddlebags.
Height - 43 cm
Width - 19 cm
Length - 39cm
Net weight: 5,950 Kg
Produced in Maritime Canvas
Great for short and long distance trips. Ideal for Day to Day and Travel.
Fixing the saddlebags:
Fixing with a Closing Tape and Extender. Each flap is 40cm long (ie, each bag has a flap of 40cm long) the Velcro straps of each one are 35cm long, allowing them to be fastened at varying distances between 35cm to 55/60cm. The saddlebags come with 2 elastic bands with hooks to stabilize the bags on the retractors.
For the use of side saddlebags, in most cases, it is needed a side support to prevent the bags from rubbing against the wheel or touch the exhaust.
Some of the photos show suggestions for use for composing sets of luggage for motorcycle trips.
Ad for the pair of saddlebags / side bags.

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